Legend tells us that it is very lucky to have a Sweep attend a wedding as he brings GOOD LUCK, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS with him. So now brides are demanding it. What is it?

Good luck, of course !! The Good luck which rubs off when you shake hands with, or better still, kiss a Chimney Sweep.

The Legend.
There is a legend that a Sweep was on top of a chimney when he slipped and fell--- but his coat tails caught on a drain pipe preventing him from falling to the ground.  A crowd in the street heard his cries for help, but could not save him  However a young woman heard his call, looked out her window, pulled him in and saved his life.  The crowd cheered and thought how lucky he was.  He ended up by falling in love with the young lady and they were married, so everyone believed that it was lucky to be a Chimney Sweep---or to be with one---or to touch one---or to kiss one.

So now, Brides are demanding it!        What is it?        Luck of course !!!

The Good Luck which rubs off when you shake hands with, or better still, kiss a Chimney Sweep.  It is a tradition at weddings.


Your Lucky Chimney Sweep can arrive at the wedding or at the Reception.  It has been found that it is much better if the Sweep arrives at the Reception, and, if the timing is right, just after the speeches when sometimes there is a little flat time when guests are wondering what is next to happen.  Then comes the fun.

Your Lucky Chimney Sweep will enter to the tune of Chim Chim Cheree sung in fine voice.  He will finish this in front of the bridal table, and after introducing himself to the guests, the Sweep will first present to the couple a Recipe for a Happy Marriage, which is truly a recipe.  Then a very appropriate verse for the day is recited to the bridal couple, after which comes the Piece de Resistance---here the Sweep makes a big effort to clean the soot from his cheek, and invites the Bride out in front of everyone to kiss him on the cheek, thus bringing Good Luck to the Bride and Groom on their special day.

The Sweep then greets the Groom (while providing him with some good advice to stick by during his marriage), and presents the couple with some coal, a slice of bread, and some salt.  These are to symbolise that there is a wish they will always have plenty of warmth in their home and in their relationship, plenty of food on the table, and that they will always have the true salt of friendship around them at all times.

Your Lucky Chimney Sweep then presents a certificate to the Bride and Groom confirming that he has attended their wedding bringing with him Good Luck, Wealth and Happiness.  All the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and grandparents are then greeted, after which the sweep will leave the wedding to another appropriate verse.

As you can imagine the photographers and those with videos who are present normally have a field day.  The main object is to bring a great deal of fun to this special time for the Bride and Groom on their day.

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